Finnish Vocational Education Excellence MOOC

Finland has been an active partner in international education networks. The Finnish vocational education and training (VET) providers have been involved in a multitude of development and exchange projects with EU and non-EU partners. However, until now, Finnish vocational education providers have not, due to legislative issues, been able to partner with companies or other training providers to offer qualifications abroad.

During 2015 and the beginning of 2016, a group of 14 Finnish VET providers have worked together to identify the challenges and opportunities of education export in a project financed by the Finnish National Board of Education, a governmental body responsible for the development of education in Finland. As a result of the project, the Ministry of Education and Culture has proposed changes in legislation dissolving the obstacles hindering full-scale education co-operation; partnering for qualifications will be possible during 2016.

But what are the strengths of Finnish VET? How does the system work and why is it so popular among youth and adults? Fact is, that over 50% of the 9th graders apply as their first choice to the upper secondary vocational track and adults, also with university degrees, opt to enhance their skills through participating in professional qualifications training while working. With over 300 qualifications, there are plenty of options to choose from, including Further and Specialist Qualifications.

The VET providers network has compiled information on the Finnish VET and is now organising a massive open online course about Finnish vocational education and training starting from 9th May 2016. A new theme with related discussion  topics will be introduced each week. We hope this MOOC will be an interactive platform to share ideas and discover new opportunities.

The themes and their dates of release are:

  • 9th May: 1. Introduction to Finnish Vocational Education And Training and 2. Learning for Earning
  • 16th May: 3. Mix And Match
  • 23th May: 4. Anticipation for the Nation
  • 3oth May: 5. The First Choice.

Enter MOOC. No registration needed – just click on ’Start course’. It’s free of charge – naturally!

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